Bnana and Men Health

Maintaining health is essential for enjoying the colors of life. Both men and women need to take care of their health in different ways. Their nutritional requirements are different and so are their metabolic rates. When we talk about maintaining health, nutrition is of utmost importance. It is through proper and balanced nutrition that you can protect your heart, avoid cancer, and avoid hormonal irregularities. It is seen that many people especially men are not vigilant about their health and dietary requirements. Research shows that in men above 35 years of age cancer and heart problems are top causes of death. Eating a diet that is not heart-healthy and indulging in unhealthy activities like smoking and excessive drinking can be blamed for these stats.

Although to rectify poor dietary habits you will need to rebuild healthy eating habits as no single food is the answer. Cultivating healthy eating habits will go a long way in protecting you from health issues. If you are looking for some healthy foods to add to your diet banana is an option that has many benefits. Banana benefits are plenty and versatile especially for men’s health it is proven by science that banana can be beneficial on several fronts.

Quick Energy

Banana makes a great snack that you can rely on for an energy boost. Along with this banana, nutrition benefits are an added perk. The list of nutrients that this humble fruit contains includes vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It also contains iron which is essential for human life.

Source of Vitamin B-6

It is an important source of vitamin B-6 which plays a vital role in several functions inside the body. Eating a banana every day ensures that you do not run low of vitamin B-6.

Fight Against Smoking 

Banana is important for men who want to quit smoking. Consuming a banana can help in breaking this bad habit. It has constituents that can help to keep the craving of nicotine at bay.

Assist Protein Metabolism

Men who work out at the gym or take part in athletic activities are often advised to add banana to their diet. This is because of its rich nutritional consistency and the fact that these help in reducing cramps and muscle soreness due to activity as well. It’s an excellent food to eat before or after a workout. It is also known to assist protein metabolism in men who eat a protein-rich diet in the quest for muscle gain.

Good for Mood

Banana is also reported to enhance serotonin production which is a feel-good hormone. The use of banana is beneficial to alleviate stress and people with depression and anxiety should reap the benefits of this sweet natural treat and fell better instantly.

Heart Health 

Bananas contain potassium which is a very important mineral for heart health. It is specifically beneficial for lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension. Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the heart. It improves heart health and keeps the risk of stroke and heart failure at bay by keeping blood pressure low.

Good for Nerves 

Good health of nerves is critical for better overall health. Nerve damage can lead to many disorders and complications. Many factors are there that can damage your nerves, these include high blood pressure and sugar. Eating banana can keep blood pressure in healthy limits and hence helps hamper nerve damage.

Improves Reproductive Health 

Many research studies are here that support the fact that is banana has special health benefits for men especially when it comes to reproductive health. Its varied and rich constituents have an aphrodisiac sort of effect. It also enhances blood flow to vital organs and improves the functionality of the sexual system in men. It’s great food for men to enhance and strengthen their potency. For elder men eating a banana daily can even prove to be an alternative for medicine as it naturally improves their sexual performance.

Banana and Male Fertility 

Banana has been bestowed with qualities that can aid in the case of infertility in men. It is one of the few foods that can improve the quality of seminal fluid. These are also reported to elevate levels of active spermatozoa in men hence increasing the chances of fertilizing an egg. Banana can be safely used to increase sperm count in men.

Good For Blood Sugar levels 

An increase in blood sugar levels has many damaging effects on human health. In men, damage to nerves can affect their sexual health as well. Banana has pectin and starch that aid in lowering blood sugar levels. These also cover a low spot on the glycemic index that is they only add a small amount of sugar to your blood. People with type 2 diabetes have to be careful about their consumption of fruits though. 

Improves Digestive Health 

Banana has many positive effects on digestive health as well. These contain fiber which bulks up stool and makes constipation unlikely. These are also advised for people with diarrhea because these improve the gut flora and its constituents are consumed by the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. This fruit also helps to protect against colon cancer. 

Aids in Weight Loss Journey 

Bananas are likely to help in weight loss efforts as well. These are nutritious and fulfilling at the same time making these a good option as a starter or an evening snack. These also contain fiber and fiber from vegetables and fruits is recommended in weight loss diets to slow digestion. The starch in banana helps to lower appetite as well. You should also add banana to your diet to enjoy banana benefits for weight loss.

Antioxidant Action 

Antioxidants are very important as these keep the oxidative damage at bay. Banana contains dopamine and catechins which are potent antioxidants. These help to minimize nerve degeneration and heart problems due to oxidative damage. By reducing the damage from free radicals banana act as a shield against several diseases.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity 

Insulin resistance has been proven to be the root cause of many health problems and diseases. Starch in banana can enhance insulin sensitivity in the body hence reducing the likelihood of insulin resistance and associated complicated health effects.

How to Buy a Good Banana

While buying bananas avoid buying unripe or overripe bananas. Buy ones with yellow color and black spots on them that are soft to touch but are still firm. Buying totally black soggy bananas will ruin your shopping so does unripe green bananas. Unripe bananas have their own benefits let us know if you want to learn about it.